About Reference Investigation in Assembly
With the Reference Viewer you can investigate the relationships and dependencies among features and models for increased management of design intent. The contents are displayed graphically by representing component hierarchy and multiple dependencies. The graph can display multiple levels of parents and children at one time. You can customize the contents of the Reference Viewer to show only dependencies of interest.
When you select an assembly for reference investigation, the Reference Viewer displays both solid model and component references. Solid model references are part level (feature) references and component references are assembly level (placement) references. Solid model references describe model geometry and component references describe part relationships in context of the assembly. To view references and dependencies for objects in the assembly, double-click the name of the object. The graph updates to display the selected object at the center of the graph.
You can edit the assembly placement references of a component being investigated in the Reference Viewer dialog. Right-click the component in the Reference Viewer and select Edit References.