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Setting Up Arbortext Editor to Use Arbortext Publishing Engine
You can perform all publishing tasks using Arbortext Publishing Engine in the same manner you would locally. If your installation of Arbortext Editor will be using Arbortext Publishing Engine for publishing documents, you will need to enter some information to connect to it.
The Arbortext Editor installation procedure prompts you for the location of Arbortext Publishing Engine. If you didn’t have that information at the time of installation, you will need to set it up in Tools > Preferences > Publishing Engine.
1. Check the box for Use Publishing Engine.
2. You will need to obtain the URL for your site's Arbortext PE server from your Arbortext Publishing Engine administrator. Enter the URL following the form:
where server-name is the host name of the server and port-number is the port that requests should be sent through.
3. Click the Apply button to test the URL to assure it is correct.
The Status field reports whether the URL successfully connects to an Arbortext PE server.
If the connection fails, click the Show Connection Error button to display the error message from the Arbortext PE server. If you re-enter your URL and it fails again, contact your Arbortext Publishing Engine administrator and report the error.
One reason the connection may fail is if Arbortext Editor is running on a different type of network than Arbortext Publishing Engine. Both Arbortext Editor and Arbortext Publishing Engine support IPv4 and IPv6, but they must both be running on the same type of network to avoid an error. Check with your system administrator to resolve networking issues.
Be sure to read Using Arbortext Publishing Engine for publishing documents for extensive information about publishing in this manner.
Local publishing requires that Arbortext Styler, Arbortext Print Composer and/or the Arbortext Web/Wireless Composer product options are installed on the Arbortext Editor client to make the publishing menu choices available.
If you need more information about setting up Arbortext Publishing Engine, consult the Arbortext Publishing Engine documentation or your Arbortext Publishing Engine administrator.
Supported Systems and Requirements