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Software Upgrade Considerations
This section contains information that is helpful when you are upgrading from a previous release of Arbortext Editor. Review it before proceeding with the installation of your software, particularly if you have any customizations that need to be migrated to the new release.
Upgrading from a Previous Release
You need a new license if you are upgrading e to a F000 release. Refer to Obtaining Licenses for information.
If you are currently running the 7.0 or earlier release of Arbortext Editor, then the 7.1 release cannot upgrade the earlier release. If you no longer want to have the earlier release on your system, you must uninstall that release.
If you will be running both the 7.1 release of Arbortext Editor and the 7.0 or earlier release, install the new release in a different directory from your current release.
You may have customized files from previous installations located in different directories. If you want to maintain custom files, you need to save them in a temporary location for evaluation after you upgrade. For example, you may have files with specific configuration settings that you will want to use to update the new configuration files. Be sure to copy your custom files to a temporary location so they will be available after you upgrade.
If your current Arbortext Editor installation does not include customizations that need to be migrated to the new release, you can proceed to the installation and licensing section that is appropriate to your site. After you have successfully installed the new release, you will need to perform the post-installation upgrade tasks described in Post-installation upgrade tasks.
Upgrading on Windows
On Windows, you cannot upgrade from a 7.0 or earlier release to the 7.1 release. You must do a full installation. You can upgrade from the 7.1 F000 release to a subsequent 7.1 M0n0 release.
Generally, upgrades can be performed on F000 and subsequent M0n0 releases. However, in rare cases it's possible that a M0nx release might be released after the next M0n0 release. Because releases are cumulative, this upgrade situation would require installing the next M0n0 release rather than an upgrade. For instance, if an M020 release is released in April, followed by an M015 release in May, an upgrade from M015 to M020 would not be possible as it was released after M020. The next upgrade path would become M030 or later.
If you choose to uninstall a previous release and then reuse the installation path for your upgrade and its directories are not empty, you'll be advised to install to another location.
Software Upgrade Preparation