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Obtaining Licenses
You will need to obtain a new license for an Arbortext Editor F000 release. You must update your license each time you upgrade to a major Arbortext Editor F000 release (maintenance releases or datecode updates do not require a license update). For example, a license issued for 7.1 would work with Arbortext Editor 7.1 M010. A license issued for 7.1 would not be compatible with 7.2, 7.3, and so on.
Licenses issued for previous releases (such as 7.0) will not work with Arbortext Editor 7.1 but older versions of Arbortext Editor will continue to work with the license keys issued for them.
What You Will Need
When you obtain your license, you will need your PTC support site login information and customer number for You will also need the Host ID of the client (for a node-locked license) or server (for floating licenses) computer. Refer to Requesting Licenses for further information.
The PTC support web site might not offer license keys for all possible customer requests. Ask for assistance on the PTC Customer Support web site, if necessary, regarding any of the following:
Modification of an existing license key to add new floating licenses to an existing server.
Extension of a temporary license for evaluation.
Generation of licenses for triad server configurations.
You can submit a request for help on the PTC Support site at, by creating a new case in the Tools section. You can also contact PTC Support by email or phone. See for a list of contact numbers.
License Information