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Installing Document Types from Arbortext Architect
You can install new document types from Arbortext Architect for use in Arbortext Editor.
To install document types from Arbortext Architect:
1. Create a new directory in which to store your customized document types.
2. Create the following subdirectories within this new directory:
doctypes — to store your custom document types.
entities — to store your external entities.
graphics — to store your external graphic files.
3. Add the doctypes, graphics, and entities paths to the catalog path so Arbortext Editor can locate them.
4. Open Arbortext Architect.
5. Choose File > Open.
6. Click on the directory in which the DTD you want to install is stored, and then choose Select.
7. Choose File > Install.
8. In the Arbortext Architect Installation dialog box, click on an existing path or type the path to the directory where you want to store the document type. Choose OK. If the directory is not included in the catalog path, you are prompted to add it.
9. Select Yes if you want to assign a URI; select No if you do not want to.
10. In the Arbortext Architect Response box, click Yes to add the document type to the New Document dialog box list by adding it to your preferences file. You can click No to simply install it without adding it to the New Document dialog box list.
11. Arbortext Architect will notify you that the installation completed.