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Creating New Documents from Custom Document Types
When creating new documents or opening existing documents, you can use custom document types that are not available in the Type list in the New Document dialog box.
To create a document from a custom document type:
1. Invoke Arbortext Editor.
2. Choose File > New.
The New Document dialog box opens.
3. Click Browse and use the Select DTD/Schema dialog box to locate an existing .dtd or .xsd file.
4. Select the document type you want, then click Open.
If you select an SGML document type that has not been compiled, the DTD not compiled dialog box displays asking if you want to compile the document type. Refer to Compiling document types for more information.
5. If Arbortext Editor cannot find a template file associated with the document type, a message dialog box appears saying that one will be created. In this case, Arbortext Editor might also ask whether you want to assign a SYSTEM or PUBLIC identifier.
The first time you select a document type in this way, Arbortext Editor creates a doctypes directory within the aptcache directory. It then adds a catalog file that points to this document type. This lets Arbortext Editor locate the document type whenever it opens a document that uses it. Arbortext Editor will also create a directory within this doctypes directory with the same name as the document type.
The catalog file will include a SYSTEM catalog entry if the document's DOCTYPE declaration has a SYSTEM ID. If the document has a PUBLIC ID, it will include a PUBLIC catalog entry. Arbortext Editor will not create a catalog entry if the document type does not have a DOCTYPE declaration.