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Technical Resolution 9401:1997
Arbortext Editor also supports the OASIS (formerly SGML Open) Technical Resolution 9401:1997 (Amendment 2 to TR9401) defined on the OASIS web site at This resolution defines a format for a usually system-dependent but application-independent entity catalog that maps external identifiers and/or entity names to file names and was primarily intended to be used with SGML documents. This catalog is used by an application's entity manager. This resolution does not dictate when an entity manager should access this catalog. For example, an application may attempt other mapping algorithms before or (if the catalog fails to produce a successful mapping) after accessing this catalog. TR9401:1997 has a standard format. Each application that uses it must provide the user with a mechanism for specifying how and when the catalog is to be accessed.
For this type of catalog, the file is a text file that can be edited using any text editor including Arbortext Editor.
The following catalog entry types from the standard are not supported by Arbortext Editor:
Arbortext Editor provides the following additional catalog entry types that are not in the standard:
Beginning with the 6.1 release, the ATI-DOCBURST entry is deprecated. Burst configuration files now should be specified in the document type configuration file (.dcf). Refer to Specifying a burst configuration file for more information.
Used to associate an Arbortext Editor Repository burst configuration file with a document type. These configuration files contain information such as the object type and version labels to use for different elements of the DTD. They also indicate which elements of the DTD should be bursting boundaries for new objects.
Unlike other catalog entries that indicate which DTD to use, the ATI-DOCBURST entry indicates that for a given adapter and DTD, you should use a particular configuration specification.
The syntax for the ATI-DOCBURST entry is:
ATI-DOCBURST "adapter prefix/dtd file basename" "conf_spec"
Where conf_spec can take any form the adapter specifies. As a PTC Server connection example:
ATI-DOCBURST "x-wc:///axdocbook.dtd" "our_axdocbook.bcf"
Where x-wc:// is the adapter prefix and "our_axdocbook.bcf" is the name of the burst configuration file. Quotation marks are optional.
Used to associate an alternative URI reference with a URI reference that is not part of an external identifier. This entry type is analogous to the uri element in an XML catalog.
The syntax for the URI entry is:
URI "name" "uri"
Where name is the name of the file for which you are providing an alternative uri. For example:
URI "atieqnDomain.xsd" "../entities/atieqnDomain.xsd"