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Setting the Catalog Path for Document Type Directories
If you create a directory for customized document types, you must specify a catalog path so Arbortext Editor can locate the directory. If you don't want to explicitly specify a path to it, you can choose to install your document type in Arbortext-path\custom\doctypes. You can use this directory to place your document type files so they will be automatically accessible.
If there is a catalog file in a subdirectory of the Arbortext-path\custom\doctypes subdirectory at startup, it's automatically prepended to the catalog path. If the custom\doctypes parent directory contains a catalog file, then it's also prepended to the catalog path. Putting a document type in custom\doctypes or in a subdirectory of it makes it automatically available, avoiding additional steps to add it to the path.
To specify a catalog path:
1. Choose Tools > Preferences to change the default settings.
2. Select the File Locations category.
3. In the Catalogs field, prepend the path of your document type directory to the list. Use semicolons to separate multiple paths and be sure the entire path list is enclosed in quotes.
4. Click OK.
The document type path list is also automatically prepended to include any document types added to the Arbortext-path\custom\doctypes directory if you include %D in the path.
You can also use the append_catalog_path function to update the catalog path. For more iinformation, see the Arbortext Command Language Reference PDF.