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Symptom Set
The Symptom Set document type lets you define a set of symptoms that can be associated with service content topics. When service content topics are associated to symptoms in Windchill Service Information Manager, they can be used to provide diagnostic information for a product. A Symptom Set contains a list of symptoms, and the allowed values for the symptom. You can optionally add applicability settings to indicate that certain symptoms are only relevant to specific parts, assemblies, or products.
Tag help is not available for elements in the Symptom Set document type.
The document type includes a template and sample document and stylesheet that is only applicable to the sample document. The template is an empty document.
Considerations When Working with Symptom Set
Following is a list of items to consider when editing Symptom Set documents using Arbortext Editor.
Each main element (symptom-category, symptom, symptom-value) must have an ID attribute, and that ID must be unique within the symptom set.