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Integrating the Equation Editor in an XML Schema
Arbortext Architect offers users an Equation Editor that has an equation image interface for creating structured equations using the American Mathematical Society (AMS) symbol set. The Equation Editor allows you to edit an equation-image representation of an equation in Arbortext Editor.
The elements of the equation are defined by a schema fragment that you must reference in your XML schema. The fragment includes the Equation Editor elements from a namespace ( The schema fragment is located at Arbortext-path\entities\atimathns.xsd directory. To make the Equation Editor available for your document type, add the appropriate entity declaration to your XML schema.
To integrate the Equation Editor in your XML schema:
1. Open Arbortext Architect, and then choose Edit > XSD to open the XSD Editor.
2. Add the entity declaration for the Equation Editor schema fragment.
For example, you would typically add the following declaration:
<xs:import namespace=""
3. Next, add entries for equation elements to existing content models in your schema to indicate where each of the two types of equations is allowed.
The element for display equations is named atieqn:fd, and the element for inline equations is named atieqn:f.
4. Save your changes and exit the XSD Editor.