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Schema Overview
Arbortext Editor provides real-time validation of XML instances against one or more XML schema definitions. The definitions must conform to the XML Schema Recommendation 1.0 approved May, 2001 as implemented by the Apache Xerces-C++ 2.6.0 parser. The Apache Xerces parser is a validating XML parser which has full support for the XML Schema Recommendation 1.0. For a complete list of Xerces-C++ 2.8.0 supported features and limitations, refer to (SGML documents with SGML document types continue to be parsed by the MarkIt parser.)
Arbortext Editor validates schema and DTD based documents in real time with interactive context checking. Arbortext Editor validates attribute data types at insertion time and validates the allowed content of elements as defined by the schema when Completeness Checking is applied. If validation errors are found, Arbortext Editor displays a list of errors is displayed in a message window. Each message is linked to its location in the document.
Arbortext Editor validates the document against either a schema (.xsd file) or a DTD (.dtd file), depending on the DOCTYPE or schema location hint. Arbortext Editor can also validate a document against both a DTD and a schema or multiple schemas in batch mode by using the 64flag on the schema_validate_batch and ns_schema_validate_batch functions.