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Setting your System-Wide Burst Configuration
Several burst configuration settings are shared across all document types. These settings provide the only burst configuration information for those documents for which there is no document-type-specific burst configuration.
The system-wide settings are stored in a file named atidefaults.bcf. The atidefaults.bcf file is an XML file. A sample atidefaults.bcf file is provided in the following directory:
It is recommended that you use this file as a starting point when setting your system-wide burst configuration. You can edit the file by opening it with Arbortext Editor. Note that if you are migrating a burst configuration file from an Arbortext repository adapter, the PTC Server connection will safely ignore any settings that were exclusively intended for use with that adapter.
After you've edited your atidefaults.bcf file, you must specify (for the PTC Server connection) where it is located. See Specifying the burst configuration location for details.
When configuring your system-wide defaults, remember that the settings in each document-type-specific burst configuration file can override the settings in the system-wide burst configuration file. Consequently, you should attempt to make your system-wide burst configuration as generic as possible and incorporate specific modifications in your document-type-specific burst configuration.
Some of the files that you edit with Arbortext Editor may not have a DTD or XML schema. Such files would include text files and free-form XML files. Since these files have no document type, they will not use any document-type-specific burst configuration file. The only burst configuration information they can use is in the system-wide burst configuration.
Following is an example system-wide burst configuration file.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Arbortext, Inc., 1988-2006, v.4002-->
<!DOCTYPE createdefaults PUBLIC "-//Arbortext//DTD CreateDefaults 1.0//EN"
<createdefaults maxnamelen="72" useroverride="on">
<!-- atidefaults.bcf
This file contains 'global' defaults for object creation
parameters, i.e. these settings are applied independently
of the DTD/Schema when no user-defined or DTD/Schema-specific
setting is available. -->
Location of "" indicates to use the home directory of the
Product/Context associated with the current workspace.
<dmslocation default="">
<dmsgraphiclocn default=""/>
<namerule rule="topmost-is-filename"/>
<namerule rule="division-head-content"/>
<namerule rule="element-content"/>
<namerule rule="element-name"/>