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Configuring the Default Document Object Location
In the atidefaults.bcf file, the default attribute of the dmslocation element sets the default location for new document objects created by Arbortext Editor. For PTC Servers running releases prior to 10.0 F000, the specified location must exist in the PTC Server, as Arbortext Editor will not create it for you. PTC Servers running release 10.0 F000 or later will create a specified folder in a product or library, but will not create a product or library. The PTC Server cannot create a folder in a site.
The default is blank (that is, "") and will result in a default of the home directory of the product and context associated with the active workspace. Note that the path inside of a PTC Server should be delimited by front slashes (/). You can set a path relative to a product and context by leaving the initial front slash off of the path, for example: XML/Documents. Note that the specified path is relative to the default folder of the product a user enters into the Connect dialog box. If you use relative paths, make sure that those paths exist in any product and context a user can access. If the user has authorization to check objects into a specific product or library, you can use an initial front slash on the path to designate a full path to that location, for example: /Documentation/XML/Documents.
This setting can be overridden for a specific document type by using the dmslocation setting in a document-type-specific burst configuration file.
If user-overrides are enabled, this setting is ignored in favor of the folder selected by the user.