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Developing Error Messages for Custom Applications
Creating Error Messages for Custom ACL Applications
If you create a custom Arbortext Command Language (ACL) application, you can create custom error messages for that application. Follow the steps below to create your custom message file(s).
1. Create .xlf files for your custom application, adhering to the XLIFF format described below.
2. Compile your .xlf files into an .amo file using the xmsgfmt command. Refer to the Compiling the message file help topic.
3. Create a subdirectory called locale in your custom\lib or application\lib directory. Create a subdirectory in the locale directory for each of your .amo files and name the subdirectory with the locale name. Store each file in the appropriate subdirectory.
4. Add the necessary ACL custom message display functions to your custom ACL application using the locale_file_name, amo_close, amo_open, and amo_text functions.