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Add Module Dialog Box
The Add Module dialog box opens when you select the Add button in the Modules dialog box. It enables you to add an existing module to the stylesheet's module hierarchy. The module is added to the hierarchy as the last child node of the selected node when you select the Add button. Before adding the module to the hierarchy, Arbortext Styler checks to make sure the module is not currently in the hierarchy and does not reference any other module currently in the hierarchy. If either of these cases are present, the operation fails.
The Add Module dialog box contains the following options:
Look in - Enables you to select the folder in which you want to look for the module. Any .style files that currently exist in the selected folder display in the list below this control. If you select an existing file in this list, the File name, Title, and Description fields are populated with information from the selected stylesheet. You can edit the title and description information, if desired.
File name - Enables you enter the name of the module or select a .style file from the current folder.
Files of type - Determines the type of the file that Arbortext Styler will search for. The only choice available is a .style file.
Title - Enables you to provide a name for the stylesheet module - this name will appear in the Elements list, the Modules dialog box, and anywhere else the selected module is mentioned. If you do not provide a name, the base filename of the module appears instead.
Description - Enables you to provide a short description of the stylesheet module that displays in a small popup (tooltip) when the cursor hovers over the module's name in the Elements list, Modules dialog box, and anywhere else the selected module is mentioned
Reference using relative path - check this option to have the reference to the module encoded in the modularized stylesheet using relative file paths rather than the full path. The option is checked by default, ensuring the reference uses relative path information.
If you add a module to the Arbortext-path\custom\stylermodules directory and leave Reference using relative path checked, the module reference will work even if you later move the module to another location on the file system.