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Modifying Properties
Once you have assigned a style to an element, you can modify its formatting properties.
To modify properties:
1. If you are in the Elements list (View > List View > Elements), select the contexts, conditions, or elements (which selects all their contexts) whose properties you want to modify.
If you are in the Property Sets list (View > List View > Property Sets), select the property sets whose properties you want to modify.
2. Modify the properties for the selected items by making selections in the property categories in the Category control.
If you select only one context, condition, or property set, values that are changed display in the fields in the property categories.
If you select multiple contexts, conditions, elements, or property sets, values that are changed are applied to all of the selected objects.
When multiple objects are selected, values are displayed in the property fields only if they are identical for every object. .
If you want to apply the same properties to a group of contexts, conditions, or elements, you may want to use property sets as they are easier to maintain. Refer to Property Sets Overview for more information.