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Property Sets Overview
Property sets are predefined sets of formatting properties that can be applied to contexts or conditions, or combined to create additional property sets. You can use property sets to modularize your stylesheet, making it easier to maintain.
For example, you may have ten elements in your DTD or schema that you want to format in the same way - 10pt, italic, and red. You can apply these properties to each element individually. However, if you want to change the point size from 10pt to 11pt, you must change the point size for each of the ten elements.
If you configure a property set that incorporates these three properties, you can change the point size in the property set, and Arbortext Styler applies this change to all elements that reference the property set.
Property values set by a property set do not override property values that are explicitly set for an element.
You can use the Outputs to edit field to configure output-specific properties to be applied with a property set.
The order of property sets is important if you apply more than one property set to an element and the property sets have conflicting values for a property. The value from the last property set that sets a value takes precedence.
Property sets correspond to FOSI charsubsets, and are closely related to XSL attribute-sets.