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Division Details Dialog Box
The Division Details dialog box displays when you apply the Division style to an element, via the Edit > Style menu option. It provides the options for you to define the element's position in the division hierarchy in your document. You can also access this dialog box by selecting the Edit > Edit Style Details menu choice to modify the settings for an element that has been assigned the Division style.
The Division Details dialog box contains the following options:
Division level - Specifies the hierarchical level for the selected element.
Division nesting - Defines the level to which the selected element is permitted to nest. Arbortext Styler will create contexts for this division and for titles within this division based on the entry made in this field. For example, if you enter 3 as the Number of levels of this element to style for the section element in the DocBook DTD, Arbortext Styler creates the following contexts:
section in section in section
section in section
section everywhere
title in section in section in section
title in section in section
title in section
The Division nesting option is not available if the document type does not permit the selected element to nest within itself.