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Assigning Division Levels in your Stylesheet
Specifying division levels for certain elements allows you to apply special formatting to the hierarchy in your document. Elements that are mapped to the Division style may be chapter or section elements or other document structures such as tables of contents, cross-references, and links.
To specify divisions:
1. Open Arbortext Editor, and choose File > Open to open the document whose stylesheet you want to modify.
2. Choose Styler > Edit Stylesheet to open the stylesheet associated with the current document, or Styler > Open Stylesheet to open any stylesheet, not necessarily that currently associated with the document.
3. Ensure the View > Only Elements in Document option is deselected to ensure that all objects permitted in the stylesheet are displayed in the Elements list, rather than those configured for your particular doctype.
4. Choose Styler > New Stylesheet. Arbortext Styler creates a stylesheet displaying all the elements in your document type.
5. Highlight the element to which the division style is to be applied in the Elements list, and select the Edit > Style menu option. From the Style list, choose Division.
6. Click OK in the Division Details dialog box to specify the element as a level 1 division. Alternatively, select the required division level from the Division level drop down menu and click OK.
7. In addition to providing a framework for more complex formatting, Arbortext Styler automatically creates new title contexts for each element mapped to the Division style. Locate the title element in the Elements list. You will see that a context has been created for each title element in each division you have created, each of which can now be modified to differentiate each division.
Using the DocBook XML doctype as a base, 5 levels of division could be applied to the document by giving the Division style to the following elements:
part: level 1 division
chapter: level 2 division
sect1: level 3 division
sect2: level 4 division
sect3: level 5 division
If you refer to the Elements list once you have completed the style assignment for each of these elements, you will see that the following title contexts have been created:
title in sect3
title in sect2
title in sect1
title in part
title in chapter