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Editing the source of an element context
You may also edit the source of particular context of an element. The changes will affect the use of the context in any output or editor. It should be noted here, though, that although it is possible to edit the source of a single context of an element, any changes made to source in this way will apply to all conditions in that context.
1. Select a particular element context in the Elements list, choose Edit > Edit Context Source, and then choose the type of output to which the changes should apply.
You can choose PTC ALD (or FOSI or XSL-FO), XSL-EPUB, XSL-HTML File, XSL-HTML Help, XSL-Web, or XSL-FO RTF but you must make changes to the element source for each output individually.
The print/PDF option presented depends on the print/PDF engine setting in your stylesheet.
2. In the Source Editor, you can make changes to the element's source that will produce the desired formatting effect.
The ability to edit source of an element context was introduced in release 5.4 of Arbortext Styler. If you introduce a pre-5.4 stylesheet that contains edited source for an element, that edited source will apply for all contexts of the element individually when you update the stylesheet for use in a later release.