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Editing Element Source
Arbortext Styler enables you to edit the source of an element, which will apply to all contexts for the element and their conditions. The changes will affect the use of the element in any output or editor.
Any edited source created for an element applies to the entire element definition, i.e. all contexts of that element. The entire element definition then becomes uneditable in the Arbortext Styler interface. If you subsequently attempt to make changes to the element with the Arbortext Styler user interface, those changes will not be reflected in any output or editor that uses that type of source. Be sure you edit the source as the last step, after doing as much configuring as possible for that object through the user interface.
For example, if you edit the FOSI source of an element in order to make it be boxed in print output, and then later you change the font through the Arbortext Styler user interface, the font change will not affect either Arbortext Editor or print/PDF outputs. You must also make the font change to the edited source. To handle the type of change:
1. Make a copy of the element.
2. In the original element, delete the edited source and make the font change.
3. In the copied element, edit the element source and copy the added boxing formatting.
4. In the original element, edit the element source and paste the added boxing formatting.
5. Delete the copied element.
For many types of changes to element edited source, the best way to prevent maintenance problems is to isolate the edited source in a property set that is referenced by the element. That will enable changes made through the Arbortext Styler user interface to still affect the element.
You are permitted to create and manage edited source for individual contexts of an element definition. It is possible to apply more advanced formatting to the contexts of the element that need it, and continue to use the Arbortext Styler UI to specify more common formatting for the element definition and other contexts.
If you elect to edit the source of an element, you will be presented with a message asking you to confirm that you wish to edit the source of the element, rather than its individual contexts. Since any change you make to the element's source will affect all contexts it is always preferable to edit the individual contexts where possible.
This is an image of a Styler warning asking if you wish to proceed with editing the element source since it is preferable to edit the source of a context of the element