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Defining Number of Pages for a Page Set
To set the number of pages that a page set should output (including blank pages if necessary), use the Other category for the Page Sets list.
Example: Setting the Extent of a Page Set
1. Open the Page Sets list The Page Sets list icon - an open book edged in blue. You will see a list of page sets configured for the stylesheet. Select the one you want to update.
2. Alternatively, choose the Insert > Page Set menu option to create a new page set. Give the new page set a name, for example body-50pages.
3. Go to the Other category.
For more information, see Page Sets - Other Category
4. Select a number of pages in the Make last page a multiple of field, or enter your own value (between 1 and 64). For example, enter 50.
This is the multiplier for the number of pages — the page set will output a multiple of this number.
When publishing a document to PDF (with the PTC ALD engine), the element that is assigned the body-50pages page set will output a multiple of 50 pages to fit its content. The page set will output blank pages to make up the page count if necessary.
You can set the length of a document in this way, by assigning the page set to the document element. Any child elements formatted by page sets with an extent set will output their own number of pages within those output by the document page set.
Be aware of the following:
As many blank pages as necessary will be added to the page set to accommodate content, until the number of pages is a multiple of the value of Make last page a multiple of.
Page numbers represent the number of pages from the beginning of the document.
If a page set specifies a start on a certain page (e.g. odd) which requires a blank page to accommodate, the blank page is output from the last page set that created a visible page.