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Exporting Generated Text for Translation
Before you export your generated text, you must ensure that you have:
1. Set the source and target languages for your generated text and had these values validated
See Language Settings for Generated Text Translation.
2. Confirmed which translation units in the stylesheet should be translated and added any notes for the translator
See Managing Translation Units.
The expected output from an export action is an XLIFF file for each selected target language. The XLIFF file contains information about each translation unit, its context in the document, its current translation status, and a target version of the generated text. If it is the first export of generated text for the stylesheet, the entries for source and target generated text will be the same. If you have already translated generated text for this stylesheet, the target version will be different for translation units that were previously translated.
Refer to XLIFF Files for a full explanation of the content of an XLIFF file.
To export generated text for translation:
1. In Arbortext Styler, select the Tools > Export Generated Text menu option to open the Export Generated Text for Translation dialog box.
The menu option is not available if you have not specified any target languages for generated text.
2. In the dialog box, provide the information required to set up the XLIFF files.
If you are re-exporting a stylesheet’s generated text for translation, you may wish to export only those translation units that have changed since the last export. Select the Include only generated text that does not have a current translation option.
Click OK to confirm the settings and begin the export.
3. Your XLIFF file(s) will be exported to the requested destination. If your stylesheet contains no translations, you will see a notification message and the file will not be created.
Once you have successfully exported your XLIFF file, you can send it to the translator for their input.