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Export Generated Text for Translation Dialog Box
This dialog box displays if you select Tools > Export Generated Text in Arbortext Styler. It allows you to specify the languages for which an XLIFF file should be created and exported, and define the XLIFF files for each language, as part of the process of creating translations of the generated text in your stylesheet.
The dialog box displays the following fields:
Destination folder - the directory location to which the XLIFF file(s) should be exported. The field will default to the directory in which the stylesheet is located. Enter the directory path directly into the field, or choose the Browse button to open an Explorer window and browse for a location.
File name base - the base of the name of the XLIFF file for each language selected in the Language field. A default file name base will be provided, based on the following rules:
The first part of the file name will be the name of the stylesheet, suffixed with _style.
If you have selected a single language in the Language field, the provided file name base will include the language suffix too. For example, if you have only selected French in the Language field, the file name base will be stylesheetname_style_fr.
You are free to enter your own file name base in this field.
The full file name of the XLIFF file will be displayed in the File name field.
Languages to export - the languages for which an XLIFF file should be exported. The list provided is based on the target languages specified for the stylesheet in the Language tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box. Use the Select All or Deselect All buttons to choose or reject all target languages defined for the stylesheet.
Language - a list of the target languages set for the stylesheet. Use the checkboxes to select those languages for which you wish to export an XLIFF file during this export action.
File name - the full name of the XLIFF file that will be exported for each selected language. This is made up of the value of the File name base field plus the relevant language suffix.
Include only generated text that does not have a current translation - check this box to specify that the exported XLIFF file should not contain translation units for those translation units in the stylesheet that are marked as current.
Click OK to begin the export, and Cancel to return to the stylesheet without exporting any translations.
If the XLIFF files cannot be created, you will be notified.
If a destination file of the same name already exists, you will be prompted with an option to overwrite it or to cancel the export action.
If there are no instances of generated text for translation in the stylesheet, the XLIFF file will not be created. You will be notified if this is the case:
[A16796] There are no translations in this stylesheet to export. No files generated.