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Namespace Declarations Dialog Box
The Namespace Declarations dialog box opens when you select the Tools > Namespace Declarations menu option. It lists the namespace associations that currently exist for the stylesheet, both the required namespaces and those that have been added to the stylesheet by the user, via the Add Namespace Declaration dialog box.
When the same prefix is used for multiple namespaces (URIs), only one is displayed in this list.
Some namespaces must be present in all stylesheets, regardless of the document type, as they are required by Arbortext Styler:
_acl: java:com.arbortext.epic.Acl
_dtd: http://www.arbortext.com/namespace/Styler/UserElements
_gte: http://www.arbortext.com/namespace/Styler/GeneratedTextElements
_js: java:com.arbortext.epic.internal.js.JavaScript
_sfe: http://www.arbortext.com/namespace/Styler/StylerFormattingElements
_ufe: http://www.arbortext.com/namespace/Styler/UserFormattingElements
atidlm: http://www.arbortext.com/namespace/atidlm
ch: http://www.arbortext.com/namespace/chunker
saxon: http://saxon.sf.net/
xsi: http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance