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Add Namespace Declaration Dialog Box
The Add Namespace Declaration dialog box opens when you enter a prefixed/namespaced element or attribute for which there is no associated URL. It enables you to complete the namespace declaration. If you mistyped the namespace prefix, select Cancel and enter the correct prefix in the Elements list.
You must understand XML namespaces to use this option. Refer to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web site (www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml-names/) for information on XML namespaces.
The Add Namespace Declaration dialog box contains the following fields:
New prefix - Shows the namespace prefix you included when creating your element, in a read only field.
New namespace name - Enables you to enter the namespace name (URI) for the new namespace prefix. If you enter a URI that is already associated with another prefix, the existing prefix will be used.
Note that the name you enter here is subject to case sensitivity, i.e. www.book.com is different to www.Book.com. You should also note that http://www.book.com is considered different to www.book.com under W3C naming conventions.
Existing namespace associations - Provides a list of the namespaces currently declared in the stylesheet. This list is only a reference and cannot be used to select a namespace.