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Editing Source for PTC ALD
Arbortext Styler provides a set of sample files that contain edited source for PTC ALD. These stylesheet files contain code that will achieve the following:
Applying boxing to a block
Rotating a block
Setting text, line, and background color
Using counters and variables
Testing the values of attributes or text properties
Testing page number or position on page
Setting text properties
Please refer to Arbortext-path/samples/APP for sample files for each example.
You may use these files in three ways:
Incorporate the required stylesheet module into an existing modularized stylesheet
Copy the required code from the supplied stylesheet module into your own stylesheet, then modify the code as required
Refer to the stylesheet module and the readme.txt file to ascertain how to create your own source edits
See the Stylesheet Developer’s Guide to APP Code for full information about the samples.