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Extending a Stylesheet with PTC ALD Code
You can edit the source of these objects for PTC ALD:
Property set
Page set
Page type
Page region
To access the PTC ALD source of an object in a Arbortext Styler stylesheet for edit::
1. Select the object in the relevant list view.
2. Select the Edit > Edit objectname Source > PTC ALD menu option.
The source of that object opens.
The menu option is only available when your stylesheet is set to use PTC ALD as the print/PDF engine.
3. Make the necessary changes to the object, using JavaScript code that references objects from PTC Arbortext Layout Developer’s Formatting Object Model.
Refer to the Stylesheet Developer’s Guide to APP Code for information on making stylesheet edits for PTC ALD, plus examples.
Refer to the Formatting Object Model Reference for details of the objects described by the Formatting Object Model.
See Overview of Autogenerated APP Source for further information on the source generated for objects for PTC ALD.