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PTC ALD Code Types
An PTC ALD application can be written using either of the following methods, or a combination:
1. FOM/JavaScript: PTC ALD applications can be coded in the JavaScript scripting language, using as a base the application, content, and formatting object definitions provided by PTC ALD’s Formatting Object Model (FOM).
2. PTC ALD proprietary syntax: the traditional PTC ALD programming method. PTC ALD’s own macros, processing instructions and scripts define the actions in a template that will format a document.
Both of these types of code can be incorporated into an Arbortext Styler stylesheet, meaning that you can take advantage of both new or existing PTC ALD template code to provide effects not available via the Arbortext Styler interface. The table below details how each code is applicable in the .style file, depending on the method that you choose to extend the stylesheet:
Extension Method
FOM / JavaScript
PTC ALD Proprietary Syntax
Edit .style stylesheet source with PTC ALD code
Associate a template with a .style stylesheet1
An PTC ALD template to be associated with a .style stylesheet is permitted to contain a combination of FOM/JavaScript code and PTC ALD proprietary syntax