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The stylesheet0 Namespace
The template tags created from the stylesheet are stored in the stylesheet0 namespace. Further namespaces are nested within stylesheet0 to organize the different components based on the functional areas of the stylesheet.
At the base level within stylesheet0:
Contexts context control stream (.Cx) — associates all the formatting tags with the XML contexts
The context control stream is a product of the element and context list generated in the Arbortext Styler user interface.
Namespaces context control stream (.Cx) — declares all the XML namespaces needed for the context control stream
The Contexts control stream calls this control stream.
StripSpaceControl control stream (.Ss) — applied to the content to manage whitespace
The stream is usually used to treat whitespace in elements with preformatted styles as meaningful.
Other namespaces nested within stylesheet0:
CustomTable — contains the namespaces created for each custom table model declared in the stylesheet.
FootnoteModel — contains the namespaces created for each footnote model declared in the stylesheet
Each footnote model namespace contains a set of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer tags that describe the footnote behavior, including a footnote control stream (.Fc) and a context control stream (.Cx) to control the formatting of footnote content.
TOCs — contains the stylesheet’s TOC definitions, each within their own namespace
Each namespace contains an augmentation control stream (Contexts.Cx) and a set of XML DOM tags (.Xd). The augmentation control stream declares the contexts which belong to the TOC. The XML DOM tags provide the XML fragments to be augmented into editorDom0 to fulfil the TOC.
Indexes — provides the index control stream (.Ic) for the indexes defined in the stylesheet
Element — contains the elements declared in the stylesheet, each within their own namespace
Each element namespace has sub namespaces for each context associated with the element in the stylesheet. The sub namespaces are generally named after the context. If the name is too long, a hash of the remaining name string is used. For example, a para element could display this structure:
onEnter and onExit JavaScript function tags (.Jf) are included in each context namespace. These are created from the onEnter and onExit components of the context’s source in Arbortext Styler.
The Element namespace also contains _sfe and _ufe namespaces, which hold the Styler Formatting Elements and User Formatting Elements in the stylesheet. Each is held in its own sub namespace.
PageRegions — contains all the JavaScript functions (.Jf) used to create the different page regions declared in the stylesheet
These tags are the source for each of the page regions in Arbortext Styler.
PageSets — contains sub namespaces for each page set declared in the stylesheet
Each sub namespace can contain:
PageSetup JavaScript function (.Jf) — the source for the page set as seen in Arbortext Styler that creates all the page set’s components
If this function has been run in the process of creating the document, the other components appear in this namespace.
PageRef JavaScript function (.Jf) — used as a frame reference applied to the frame that is formatted first on the page to store the formatted page number in the page string for a given page
PageSequence (.Ps) — the page sequence created for the page set
The page sequence is called inline when this page set is selected in the stylesheet.
PageNumber XML DOM tag (.Xd) — holds the generated text fragment for the formatted page number
Types namespace — holds the layer and layer group tags for each of the page types used by this page set
The tags are created when the page set is called for the first time. Each layer contains the frames for the page type as anonymous frames. Each layer group calls the underlay for the page type and the globalUnderLayer and globalOverLayer layers which exist at the template’s root namespace.
PageTypes — contains the JavaScript functions (.Jf) which create the different page types
These tags form the source from the Arbortext Styler stylesheet for each page type.
PropertySet — contains a sub namespace for each property set declared in the stylesheet
Each sub namespace contains the onEnter and onExit source for each property set.
Content — contains an XML DOM stream (.Xd) for each of the generated content items declared in the Arbortext Styler stylesheet
ReferenceFormats — contains an XML DOM stream (.Xd) for each of the cross reference types declared in the stylesheet