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Tags in the Root Namespace
When sorting the tag list in a template by namespace, you see that some tags exist at the root namespace level:
Page layout information
DocSequence (.Ds) — document sequence control stream
This provides the default page layout for the template. It enables content to be placed onto an initial page before the page sequences described by page sets are applied.
defaultPage (.Ps) — page sequence control stream
The DocSequence control stream calls this control stream to apply the default page.
defaultLayer, defaultBlankLayer (.Pu) — layers that hold the initial page layouts
defaultPage calls these layers. The frames on these layers will have the salmon pink background color to indicate that an error has occurred in page sets.
globalUnderLayer (.Po), globalOverLayer (.Pu) — layers applied to all page layouts created in the stylesheet
editorDom0 (.Xd) — the main content stream for the document
autoexec (.Jf) — the autoexec script for the template
The script sets many template options and properties that other JavaScript components use. In some cases the values come from set options provided by Arbortext Styler. The script also includes color definitions, named size definitions from the stylesheet, the division levels configured in the stylesheet, and some language information.
FinalPageNumber text stream and fontColor (.Cl) color definition
The content streams for any footnotes created in the document.