PTC ALD in Arbortext Styler > Integration of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer in Arbortext Styler > Associating PTC ALD Templates with Arbortext Styler Stylesheets > Creating a Template to Associate with a Stylesheet
Creating a Template to Associate with a Stylesheet
A template that will be associated with a .style stylesheet must contain certain information to work correctly in Arbortext Styler. A template created by PTC ALD from the Arbortext Styler stylesheet has a number of preferences and settings which are necessary for the formatting process to work correctly. An associated template must include the same settings.
To create the template correctly, it is recommended that you follow these steps:
1. In Arbortext Styler, create a new empty stylesheet.
You will delete the PTC ALD tags from the new template in a later step. Creating an empty stylesheet minimizes the number available.
2. In Arbortext Styler, export the stylesheet as an PTC ALD template using the File > Export > APP menu option.
Exporting the stylesheet creates an PTC ALD template in the same way as the template created for the formatting process. Save that template alongside the stylesheet.
Refer to PTC ALD Templates Generated from a Arbortext Styler Stylesheet for information on the templates auto-generated by PTC ALD in Arbortext Styler.
3. Open the template in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer— Desktop. Make sure the autoexec script called from the template is not run automatically — deselect the Run autoexec option in the Open dialog.
4. In PTC Arbortext Layout Developer— Desktop, delete all tags in the template.
You now have a blank template in which can create your own tags and functionality.
5. Save the template as a .3f file using the File > Save as template menu option.
You can now make your required changes to the template, and create any components required.
Any changes to the preferences or view behavior made in the template are referenced during the Arbortext Styler formatting process once the template is associated with the stylesheet. For example, if you activate page and frame guides in this template, the print preview will display them.