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Introduction to Rules
With PTC Arbortext Layout Developer graphical rules can be applied to several different formatting objects, for example:
Tables and table cells
Rules can be applied to the borders of the table and to the table cells. Rules for rows are configured for the tables cells in the row.
Tables and table cells can have up to 20 separate rules applied concurrently.
Blocks and block regions
Blocks and the regions within blocks can have their own border rules. Blocks and block regions can have up to 20 different rules applied concurrently.
Paragraphs can carry rules on their borders. Paragraphs can have up to 20 different rules applied concurrently.
Rules can be applied to the border of frames and to the column gutter. Frames can have up to 20 different rules applied concurrently.
Inline text
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer supports underline, strikethrough, and overbar rule types. It also supports a background color, which can also be considered a rule despite having fewer properties. These rule types are activated with text style properties, and configured with fTextRule objects. Only one text rule per rule type can be applied at a time, for example one underline rule.
Rules can be positioned relative to text or relative to text positions in the text margins (change bars). These rules are called accolades in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer. Accolades can overlap and be nested. Many accolades can be applied concurrently.
Refer to Accolades for information.