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Named Colors
To promote reuse, PTC Arbortext Layout Developer allows users to create a named color as part of the template. In PTC Arbortext Layout Developer this is defined using a control stream and can be used where ever a color name is used. The fNamedColor Content object represents named colors in the Formatting Object Model. fNamedColor inherits the fColor object definition and extends it with some additional features.
To create a named color, use the fContent.createNamedColor() method. For example:
var c = template.content.getNamedColor("myColor");
if (!c) c = template.content.createNamedColor("myColor");

Named colors allow you to specify that different colors should be used for screen and print. With this option, you can ensure better color matching between the printed and display versions. Devices differ in the way they render color.
Named colors also allow PDF and PostScript to include the color as a named object, which provides downstream benefits.