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Introduction to Color
Color has several uses in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer. Color usage is usually declared inline, which can be achieved with the fColor object. PTC Arbortext Layout Developer also provides gradient and raster color objects. When designing a publication it is a common requirement to repeatedly reuse the same color. For example, titles of all levels might be output in a particular color, which is then reused to color boxed sections or frame borders. PTC Arbortext Layout Developer supports this requirement with the reusable color object fNamedColor. It also allows access to groups of predefined colors such as the CSS and Pantone+® color books, as well as its own color book.
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer supports RGB, CMYK, and HSB color models. CMYK is the best color model to use for print as it matches the color inks used by output devices. RGB is used for screens and is most useful for web color definitions.