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Introduction to Tables
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer provides a highly flexible set of tools to create tabular layout. PTC Arbortext Layout Developer tables can be used to format any markup, whether designed for tables or not. They do not have to work within established models such as CALS or HTML tables.
Four objects provide PTC Arbortext Layout Developer’s table functionality:
The table acts as the container for rows and cells and defines the column structure.
The table column is defined within the table configuration and specifies column behavior.
The table row acts as a container for the cells and has some properties.
The table cell is the container for the table cell’s contents and its properties define layout and appearance and any spans required.
In the Arbortext Styler integration, tables are provided as a library and are largely inaccessible to the template developer. More complex custom tables can be created using source edits with PTC ALD code.