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Styling Paragraphs in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer
The paragraph is one of the core text formatting building blocks used by PTC Arbortext Layout Developer to apply style. Paragraphs are not used extensively in the Arbortext Styler integration to start blocks of text (it uses block objects). The paragraph object provides the paragraph level properties of blocks.
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer recognizes blocks and paragraphs. The paragraph was the only container for lines of text (outside tables) before blocks were introduced in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer in Version 10. Paragraphs start anywhere a chunk of content starts, for example:
After a hard return
After a table or block
Inside a table cell or block
When a paragraph starts, you can apply paragraph properties until a character is output. Once the character is being processed, any changes to the paragraph properties will not be applied, although in some cases it may be applied to the next line. As a rule, paragraphs flow from left to right to fill up the space available. The column width and any margins applied to the paragraph or its containing box, such as blocks or table cells, determine the space.