Web Lessons

Technology-Based Learning Solutions

PTC provides Web-Based Training (WBT) in two formats - Web Courses and Web Lessons.

Web lessons are short, focused, "how to" modules that are incorporated into PTC's Technology-Based Learning Solutions portfolio. The web lessons fulfill the "Improve" phase of the Precision Leaning methodology. These practical, tactical lessons provide the user with the necessary information and instruction to complete a specific task. The web lessons are epitomized by the new COAch topic packages (from CADTRAIN) that have been integrated into the Pro/FICIENCY Evaluator.

If you would like to see a demo of the web lessons available through the Pro/FICIENCY Evaluator, please click here.

The COAch packages that are included in Pro/FICIENCY can be consumed through the purchase and use of Online Training Credits. These web lessons are freely available to all Pro/FICIENCY Site License customers. Here is a list of the COAch topics integrated into the Pro/FICIENCY Evaluator:

1.  COAch for Modeling - Setting up and completing a sketch
2.  COAch for Modeling - Basics of creating simple rounds
3.  COAch for Modeling - Duplicating Features - Copy and Pattern
4.  COAch for Modeling - Adding Intelligent Relations
5.  COAch for Modeling - Redefining, Rerouting, and Reordering features
6.  COAch for Modeling - Creating and using construction geometry
7.  COAch for Advanced Modeling - Storing and Using a UDF library
8.  COAch for Advanced Modeling - Controlling Variable Dimensions in UDFs
9.  COAch for Advanced Modeling - Creating a Family Table
10.  COAch for Advanced Modeling - Section Orientation for Advanced Sweeps
11.  COAch for Advanced Modeling - Advanced Round Fundamentals
12.  COAch for Assembly - Changing Assembly References and Constraints
13.  COAch for Large Assembly Management - Using and Creating Simplified Reps
14.  COAch for Advanced Assembly - Creating and Manipulating Interchange Groups
15.  COAch for Advanced Assembly - Creating and Animating a Skeleton Assembly
16.  COAch for Advanced Assembly - Multi-Model and Family-Table Drawings
17.  COAch for Surfacing - Blending and Replacing Surfaces
18.  COAch for Surfacing - Sweeps and Swept Blends
19.  COAch for Sheetmetal - Basic Sheetmetal Concepts, Flat and Extruded Walls
20.  COAch for Sheetmetal - Basic Sheetmetal Concepts, Driving Surface and Flat States
21.  COAch for Advanced Detailing - Creating Dimensions
22.  COAch for Modeling - Dimensioning Schemes
23.  COAch for Modeling - Sketcher Constraints and Assumptions
24.  COAch for Large Assembly Management - Creating Zones
25.  COAch for Modeling - Shell Feature
26.  COAch for Modeling - Draft Feature
27.  COAch for Modeling - Complex Draft
28.  COAch for Advanced Assembly - Using Master Model
29.  COAch for Advanced Assembly - Assembling components to a Skeleton
30.  COAch for Advanced Assembly - Controlling component geometry from the skeleton
31.  COAch for Advanced Modeling - Using a Merge Part (Merging a Weldment)
32.  COAch for Advanced Assembly - Assembly Level Features

PTC now resells the CADTRAIN COAch curricula. These Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses supplement instructor-led training by delivering skills improvement training programs right to your desktop. The COAch curricula can be purchased from your sales representative or through the PTC On-line Store.

The COAch curricula now available as CBTs are: