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The PTC ChannelAdvantage Program is an industry-leading program to certify and support a global network of partners who resell PTC's software licenses which enable them to provide complete solutions to our collective customers.

This program trains and certifies partners in our various product and solution implementation methodologies, and has three distinct levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. These stages are based on increasing levels of investment requirements and associated program benefits.

Our indirect sales channel is very important to PTC, and we are continually striving to provide increased benefits and value to our partners serving both SMB and large enterprise customers. PTC provides an award-winning global network of resources for software, support services and training designed to help our partners become more successful. Join the ChannelAdvantage Program today!

Supported Products

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PTC Preferred Partners

PTC provides additional support and recognition to PTC's resellers who make a strategic commitment to sell and deploy PTC Solutions. Preferred Partners complete additional requirements in infrastructure, training, and customer references ensuring that Preferred Partners can sell and deploy PTC Solutions in a way that delivers value to their customers. Partners who earn the preferred program status are experts in their preferred products and solutions.

PTC recommends customers work with these partners due to their advanced levels of commitment and skill with PTC Products.

PTC Authorized Training Centers

ATC - Authorized Training Center allows customers to search for an Authorized Training Partner to deliver Training and First-hand product expertise. PTC certifies knowledgeable professionals including and teaching experts to deliver exclusive PTC University curriculum so you can be sure to learn the latest thinking for the PTC product of your choice.PTC's sophisticated certification program for its Authorized Training Partners requires each instructor to undergo a pre-defined development path with refresher and update courses in regular intervals.

Each Authorized Training Partner has a proven track record with PTC software and customer's. If you book training from an Authorized Training Partner, you get access to the same benefits as if you booked through PTC University, directly. Small class sizes, official PTC University course materials, and access to the eLearning content for any standard instructor-led class you take are just a few examples of the benefits you will receive from an Authorized Training Partner.