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Remove Outdated Functions and Text
Some functions from 3D-Guided Service Instructions 200 must be updated in this new experience to add more functionality to the popup or remove outdated portions of the code. Removing outdated code is good practice for keeping clean code.
There will be functions called when the buttons in the popup are clicked, but first, there are functions that need to be removed and replaced inside the experience.
If you want to compare your progress with the complete code for this section, you can find it in Appendix 2 in GitHub.
1. Remove the closePopup function.
2. Next, remove the $timeout service that calls the closePopup function. The closePopup and $timeout service can be removed because unlike the first experience where the popup disappears on its own, the popup is only going to disappear when prompted by a popup button.
3. Remove the playit function that was tied to the playButton in the experience. This function is going to be automated by the Disassemble button in the popup.
4. Inside the findMeta function, remove the following lines of code and associated comments. They reference the playButton widget, which will be deleted from the 2D interface in the next section.
$scope.view.wdg.playButton.text = '';
$scope.view.wdg.playButton.toPlay = undefined;
Next, you’ll update the 2D interface in your Vuforia Studio experience.