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3D Document
Available only in 3D Eyewear projects.
What Does This Widget Do?
The 3D Document widget allows you to include a PDF in a 3D Eyewear experience.
How Do I Use This Widget?
Use a 3D Document when you want a user viewing an experience on a HoloLens device to be able to view and navigate a PDF. For example, this can be useful if a user needs to reference a user manual while viewing an experience on a HoloLens device.
Are There Any Special Properties, Services, Events, or Actions?
To view a list of common widget properties, services, and events, see Common Widget Properties, Services, and Events.
Document Source
Select a PDF source from the drop-down, or use the green plus sign navigate to a PDF on your system.
Page Size
Select one of the following page sizes for the PDF:
A3 Landscape—420 x 297 mm
A3 Portrait—297 x 420 mm
A4 Landscape—297 x 210 mm
A4 Portrait—210 x 297 mm
A5 Landscape—210 x 148 mm
A5 Portrait—148 x 210 mm
US Letter Landscape—11 x 8.5 in
US Letter Portrait—8.5 x 11 in
Makes the 3D Document stay within the your frontline view and ensures that it placed in a convenient location in the environment.
Users can also pin and unpin the document when viewing an experience using the pin icon:
This allows individual users viewing an experience to change the Tagalong property.
Go To Start
Loads the first page of the document.
Go To End
Loads the last page of the document..
Document Loaded
Triggered once the document is done loading.
Document Failed To Load
Triggered if the document cannot be loaded successfully.
Triggered when the 3D Document is switched into follow mode.
Triggered when the 3D Document is taken out of follow mode.
Triggered when the 3D Document starts readjusting its position.
Triggered when the 3D Document finishes adjusting its position, and is in front of the user.
The Widget in Action
Here’s an example of what your widget might look like!
Minimum Steps Required for Use
What It Looks Like
1. Drag and drop a 3D Document widget onto the canvas.
2. Select a PDF from the drop-down menu next to Document Source, or click the green plus to navigate to one on your system.