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Fixed Issues in 9.7.0
The following issues have been resolved.
The following bug fixes affected multiple components across multiple platforms.
Step Description/Label Not Playing in Proper Sequence (Android)
On Android devices, sequence step labels were displaying the incorrect step in the sequence.
Wayfinder Enabled When Next or Previous Service is Triggered
Even if the Enabled property of a Wayfinder widget is not selected, triggering a Next or Previous event was enabling the Wayfinder.
Click Event of a Model Not Working When Bound to an External Source (Android, iOS, Windows)
When an external source was bound to the Click event of a model, it was not working at runtime.
If Tracking is Reset, Wayfinder Properties Do Not Functioning Properly (Android, iOS, Windows)
When tracking is reset, the properties of the Wayfinder widget were not working as configured.
Vuforia Studio
The following bug fixes affected Vuforia Studio.
Wayfinder: Size of the Label and Waypoints Changed Based on the Point of View in Preview Mode
The size of the label and Waypoint were changing based on the point of view and tilt of the camera.
A Model Disappeared After Changing the Scale
After scaling a model, selecting a sequence, and then scaling the model again, the model disappeared.
Authenticating an Experience Service with SSO Enabled Failed
In Studio 9.5 and 9.6, users were unable to authenticate their Experience Service if SSO was enabled.
Publishing of Model Targets Failed
For some models, publishing of Model Targets was failing.
Labels on Top Not Functioning Properly
When Labels on Top was selected for the Wayfinder widget, it was not functioning properly in Preview mode and Vuforia View.
Discoloration of Model Sequences Created with Creo Illustrate 8.1.
Model sequences created with Creo Illustrate 8.1. were discolored after being imported into Vuforia Studio.
The Position of Some Widgets Changes Upon Save Action
The position of various widgets on the 3D canvas would change upon saving the experience. For example, if the widgets were added just before saving or previewing the experience, they would move on the canvas after pressing Save.
Advanced Model Target Generation Success Message Continues to Appear
Once an Advanced Model Target was generated successfully, a success message appeared and continued to appear even after being closed.
Vuforia View
The following bug fixes affected Vuforia View.
Experience is Freezing if Casting Shadows in Enabled (iOS only)
An experience would freeze in Vuforia View if the Cast Object Shadows option was enabled in Vuforia Studio.
Model Still Being Shown Even When Visible Property on a Model is Disabled (Windows only)
Even if the Visible property for a model was disabled (unchecked), the model was still showing in Vuforia View on Windows Surface devices.