Release Notes > Release Notes for Vuforia Studio 9.7.0
Release Notes for Vuforia Studio 9.7.0
This is no longer a supported release.
Vuforia Studio
Currently, we do not recommend using Vuforia Studio with Chrome 106.0.5249.91 or later and Microsoft Edge 106.0.1370.37 due to a major issue with Chromium; Google has been made aware of the issue. For more information about the resolution and possible workarounds, see Article - CS377978 on the PTC Support site.
The Wayfinder widget is now out of beta and full access is available
Improvements to the Wayfinder widget include:
A pop-up with information about the Wayfinder widget appears when the widget is added to an experience
A new Looping property is available that returns a user to the first Waypoint in the array once the last Waypoint is reached
Improved ribbon density
Improved property names
Default gaze vector is now 90 degrees from the surface that the Waypoint is mated to
Improved text label design
Vuforia View
Target acquisition effect is available on all mobile platforms
The model recognition for Advanced Model Targets will be visualized by a snapping effect in the experience.
HoloLens 2:
Wayfinder and Waypoints are now available for 3D eyewear experiences
Experience Service
There are no new features or updates for the 9.7.0 version of the Experience Service.