Release Notes > Release Notes for Vuforia Studio 9.5.0
Release Notes for Vuforia Studio 9.5.0
This is no longer a supported release.
Vuforia Studio
A beta version of the new Wayfinder widget is now available! The Wayfinder widget allows you to place Waypoints that help lead users towards a specific part of a model or place in their environment.
The following Creo Illustrate sequence properties are now exposed in Vuforia View for HoloLens 2 devices when stepStarted and stepCompleted events are triggered: stepDescription and duration.
Vuforia View
Update Vuforia View to the latest version to resolve an issue with the app crashing when gallery experiences are opened.
Experience Service
There are no new features or updates for the 9.5.0 version of the Experience Service.
For information about bug fixes, see Fixed Issues in 9.5.0.