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Mappings for Template-based Experiences
For each Thing that is an instance of your Thing Template, use the mappings REST API to create the mappings described below. The APIs are used to manage the IRS mappings required for a template-based experience.
Some mappings are created by the system when experiences are published to the Experience Service. These mappings should not be modified or deleted.
For more information, see IRS Mappings.
ThingMark-Thing Mapping
Key: urn:vuforia:vumark:<thingmark-code>
Example: urn:vuforia:vumark:2:100
Value: urn:thingworx:thing:<thing-name>
Example: urn:thingworx:thing:Car1
Thing-Thing Template Mapping
Key: urn:thingworx:thing:<thing-name>
Example: urn:thingworx:thing:Car1
Value: urn:thingworx:template:<template-name>
Example: urn:thingworx:template:ConnectedCar