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Template-based Experiences
In some cases, you may want a single experience to be associated with multiple ThingMarks.
To create a template-based experience:
1. Create the following entities in ThingWorx:
A Thing Template that corresponds to your product model
A Thing corresponding to each physical instance of the product model. Each Thing should be an instance of the Thing Template that you created in the previous step.
For more information on creating entities, see the ThingWorx help center.
2. Assign a ThingMark to each Thing that is an instance of your Thing Template.
You can manage this assignment in a spreadsheet or create a property in ThingWorx to hold the ThingMark for each Thing
3. Create the following identity mappings in the Experience Service:
A mapping from each ThingMark to the name of the corresponding Thing
A mapping from the Thing name to the Thing Template
For more information on this step, see Mappings for Template-based Experiences.
4. Associate your experience with the Thing Template, and publish the experience.