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RealWear Navigator 500/520
Best Practices
When creating Assisted Reality experiences for RealWear, here are a few things to keep in mind:
When using any of the following widgets that have a Click or ItemClick event, you must say, “Show Help” to see the numbers designations on the items, and then say, “Select item __.”
Some items in pop-up menus may not have voice commands.
When using the Video widget, to play or pause the video with a voice command, you’ll need to include a button and bind it to the Play or Pause service on the Video widget.
When specifying a preference using voice commands on the Settings page in Vuforia View, you must select the item number next to the setting name instead of the item number on the checkbox itself. For example, if you want to turn sound notifications off, you must say, “Select item 5.” You can also just say, “ Sound” to enable or disable sound notifications. The item numbers next to the checkboxes themselves do not work.