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Add a 3D Label
Besides 3D models, you can also add 3D information to your experience. Let’s add a 3D Label to display information from the ThingWorx platform (an IoT Development Platform). To do this, invoke a “Service” which pulls in information from ThingWorx platform.
1. Drag and drop a 3D Label widget onto the canvas.
2. While the 3D label is selected, scroll down in the DETAILS pane, and select the checkbox for Billboard. This will cause the 3D label to rotate as you move around your AR experience so that it is always pointed directly at you.
3. Click on Transform icon and move the label to a desired location.
4. Next, pull in data from the ThingWorx platform for the label to display by navigating to the DATA pane and clicking the green + sign next to EXTERNAL DATA.
5. In the search field at the top-left, type in RaspberryPiThing. This is a pre-configured thing that has been created to provide information, including a dynamically changing value. We’ll use this changing RPM value to provide a changing value for the pump.
6. Wait for the system to search the available options, and then click RaspberryPiThing (Thing). A list of all available Services for that thing appears.
7. Click the SERVICES tab, and begin typing GetPropertyValues in the search field. Click the green + sign next to GetPropertyValues once filtering is complete.
8. Click Close to return to the canvas.
9. The data for the Raspberry Pi thing appears under External Data.
10. Under RaspberryPiThing > Services > GetPropertyValues, expand the Configuration section.
11. Click the checkbox next to Invoke On Startup. This causes the experience to pull in all of the property values as soon as the experience is loaded in Vuforia View.
12. Click the checkbox next to Auto-refresh, and change the Auto-refresh Rate to 3. This causes the values to update three seconds.
13. Under RaspberryPiThing > Services > GetPropertyValues, expand Current Selected Item to view all of the available properties being stored on the ThingWorx platform.
14. Drag the binding icon next to name and drop it onto the Text field under PROPERTIES for the 3D Label widget. This causes the 3D Label to display the value of the property from ThingWorx.
15. At this point, your canvas will look similar to this:
16. Next, add 2D widgets to your experience.