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Mapping JSON Schema
The following describes the JSON schema used for IRS mappings that map one URN to another URN.
"id": <id>,
"key": <urn>,
"value": <urn>,

<id>: integer

<urn>: <thingmark-urn> | <thing-urn> | <template-urn>
<thingmark-urn>: urn:vuforia:vumark:<thingmark-code>
<thing-urn>: urn:thingworx:thing:<thing-name>[@<hostname>]
<template-urn>: urn:thingworx:template:<template-name>[@<hostname>]

<thingmark-code>: <domain-id>:<instance-id>
<domain-id>: integer
<instance-id>: integer

<thing-name>: string (name of Thing in ThingWorx server)
<template-name>: string (name of ThingTemplate in ThingWorx server)
<hostname>: string (valid FQDN of machine hosting ThingWorx server)
The id property is immutable and assigned by the Experience Service when a mapping is created. Therefore, when specifying the body of a request used to create or modify a mapping, the id property is omitted from the JSON object.
The following is an example URN mapping JSON object that conforms to this schema:
"id": 1512,
"key": "urn:vuforia:vumark:2:101",
"value": ""