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Vuforia View and Microsoft HoloLens 2 Devices
Make sure that your device is updated to the latest OS.
When using Vuforia View on a HoloLens 2 device, the following features are not available in Vuforia View:
Experience Gallery
Sharing experiences
HoloLens surround sound
The following tables lists voice commands and gestures that can be used to perform actions in the Vuforia View application itself.
Voice Commands
“Hey, View” must always precede Vuforia View voice commands.
Once you say, “Hey View” you’ll hear a system noise alerting you that Vuforia View heard you. After that, say your command. For example, “Hey View, <system noise> scan.”
“Hey View, scan.”
“Hey View, Scan mode.”
Returns you to Scan mode.
“Hey View, show Library.”
“Hey View, Library.”
Displays Library experiences published to the configured Experience Service URL.
“Hey View, update tracking.”
By default, ThingMarks are stationary. Vuforia View uses Vuforia to track based on the ThingMark. Once the position of the model is loaded, Vuforia View switches to HoloLens tracking. Updating tracking stops HoloLens tracking and reestablishes the tracking based on the ThingMark. Once ThingMark tracking has been reestablished successfully, it once again switches back to HoloLens tracking.
“Hey View, download experience.”
Downloads the experience to the device for offline viewing.
The experience you are trying to download must be designed for offline viewing.
Hey View, show downloads.”
When in Scan mode, this command displays downloaded experiences that can be viewed, updated, or deleted.
To update or delete a downloaded experience complete the following steps:
1. Hover over the experience in the list.
2. Use the pinch (hold) gesture to view the menu.
3. Select Update or Delete.
“Hey View, enable recording.”
Enables recording of experiences. For more information, see the “Recording” section in Best Practices.
“Hey View, disable recording.”
Disables recording of experiences.
“Hey View, clear Experience Service.”
This command only works in Scan mode, and is ignored when in an experience.
Clears the Experience Service URL setting.
“Hey View, clear credentials.”
This command only works in Scan mode, and is ignored when in an experience.
Clears any remembered login credentials for accessing Experience Services, as well as cached data used by the app.
“Hey View, exit.”
Closes Vuforia View.
Swipe Down
Returns you to Scan mode.
Swipe Up
When in Scan mode, toggles speech recognition.
Toggling speech recognition must be done in Scan mode.
Swipe Right
Brings you to downloaded experiences when in Scan mode.
Puts Vuforia View to sleep (sends it to the background).
Spatial Tracking
When viewing an experience that uses Spatial Tracking, use a single air-tap to place the spatial scene in your environment. Once you’ve placed it where you want it, a menu appears. The following actions are available to work with the objects:
Use this action to reset the spatial tracking scene. When this action is selected, the experience returns to placement mode.
Use this action to hide the menu.
Use this action to rotate, scale, and move the spatial tracking scene. When this action is selected, a bounding box appears around the scene. Once you’ve finished adjusting the placement of the spatial scene, click Done.